LED Canopy Light
Gas Station,  suitable shipyard, mineworkshop, warehouse, toll gatesupermarketexhibition hall, stadium, etc.
Product Specifications:     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Model No.: YHLCL-120W
Power:       120W                                                                                                                                                                                                               Name    120W LED Canopy Light  
Product Picture
Features & Application
LED Parameter
 LED Chip Brand Name  Rated Current      Working Current
  CREE (USA)     1000mA      600mA
High Brightness, low decay LED to ensure good performance, safety working current to ensure long life span of LED.
Power Supply (Driver) Features:
Taiwan Mean Well Driver  which meet international input standard;
Power Factor is 0.95; Power supply efficiency is 90%.
Their protection function are short-circuit, overload, over voltage, over heat, etc. Built-in current limiting 
circuit, so that output voltage and current can be adjustable. Built-in active power factor correction function 
to ensure power efficiency.
Heat Sink Features:
Extruding with high quality alloy extrusion, and progressing with special spray; panel use waterproof optical 
lens, so that its feature is salinity resistance and high light transmittance.
Energy Saving:
120W LED high bay light can replace 300W HPS light; it can save 65%  electricity. 
2Project Case
Structure Picture
Electrical Parameters
Item Parameter
Driver Brand Taiwan Mean Well (CLG-150-36A)
Input Voltage AC90-295V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Power 120W
Power Supply Efficiency 90%
Power Factor 0.95
Work Temperature (-30 - +70) Centigrade
Safety Standard UL,TUV,PSE
Optical Parameter:
Item Parameter
Beam Angle 100 degree
Color Temperature 5000K
Luminous 10000lm
CRI(Color Rendering Index) Ra70
ͼƬ1Light Distribution
LUX Meter
Light decay diagram for continuous lighting 6000 hours
 Installation Instruction
1. Drill 4pcs ¢8 hole with 45mm depth on ceiling, put the expansion screws into the drilled hole, fasten the plates with nuts to the wall.
2. Storage at normal temperature.
3. Keep good sealing in wire connection to avoid electric leakage.
4. Adopt waterproof measures during installation. 
5. The lamp cant be used in violation of any fire regulations.
6. Please look for professional electrician to install. Connection for three-core cable: red is for  fire wire, blue is for null line, yellow is for ground wire. 
7. Input voltage: AC100-277V 50-60HZ, do not exceed voltage and frequency range. 
8. Please take the whole light gently during delivery and storage.
 Packing Information
Packing specification Carton size QTY/CTN G.W.
Housing  L41.5*W41.5*H22cm 1pcs 9.6kg
Packing Picture

Maintenance Instructions

1. Make sure cut power before maintenance. 
2. Regularly clean the lens to make good transmission of light. 
3. Regularly clean housing and heat sink to make sure good heat dissipation.
4. Do not use water or highly corrosive solution for cleaning, had better use dry cloth.
Warranty & After-Sales Service
Warranty: 3-Year for the whole light. 
Warranty is based on correct storage, installation, using and maintenance. 
Damage for misuse or false operation does not in guarantee. 
During guarantee period, our company will chose repair or change new parts for customers. 
Exceed guarantee period, our company will charge cost for material and labor cost.