Catalogue of LED Time and Temperature Displays
  Explanations of the Part Number:              
  YH--Company name: Yuhong. C-for Clock , T-for Temperature             
  5",6",10",12",16",24": the digit height in inches              
  R: Red color leds, Y: Yellow color leds, G: Green color leds,W: White color leds, B: Blue color leds        
  SM: Semi-outdoor use              
  OT: Outdoor use              
  Height Product Picture Model Number Number format Max Size Character Housing Dimension
Voltage Net weight Remarks
  5'' IMG_0008副本
YHC-88:88:88-5"-R/Y/G/B/W-SM 88:88:88 127mm  W630mm
D50mm H160mm
24W 2.50kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHC-88:88:88-5"-R/Y/G/B/W-OT  W650mm
D100mm H200mm
5.50kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
  6 英寸
YHCT-88:8/-5"-R/Y/G/B/W-SM 88:8/ 127mm  W500mm
D50mm H160mm
10W  2.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHCT-88:8/-5"-R/Y/G/B/W-OT  W520mm
D100mm H200mm
4.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHC-88:88:88-6"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:88:88 152.4mm  W680mm
D50mm H190mm
24W 4.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHC-88:88:88-6"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W700mm
D90mm H220mm
7.50kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
  6 英寸
YHCT-88:8/-6"-R/Y/G/B/W-SM 88:8/ 152.4mm  W520mm
D50mm H190mm
16W  2.50kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHCT-88:8/-6"-R/Y/G/B/W-OT  W540mm
D90mm H220mm
5.50kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
  10'' 10INCH 8888
YHC-88:88:88-10"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:88:88 254mm  W1140mm
D90mm H327mm
36W 6.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHC-88:88:88-10"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W1140mm
D100mm H327mm
16.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHCT-88:8/-10"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:8/ 254mm  W780mm
D90mm H327mm
24W  4.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHCT-88:8/-10"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W780mm
D100mm H327mm
10.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHC-88:88:88-12"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:88:88 304.8mm  W1380mm
D90mm H380mm
60W 10.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHC-88:88:88-12"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT    W1380mm
D100mm H380mm
20.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHCT-88:8/-12"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:8/ 304.8mm  W940mm
D90mm H380mm
42W  7.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHCT-88:8/-12"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W940mm
D100mm H380mm
14.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHC-88:88:88-16"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:88:88 406.4mm  W1596mm
D90mm H487mm
96W 16.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43 
  YHC-88:88:88-16"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W1596mm
D100mm H487mm
26.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHCT-88:8/-16"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:8/ 406.4mm  W1118mm
D90mm H487mm
64W  10.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHCT-88:8/-16"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W1118mm
D100mm H487mm
20.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHC-88:88:88-24"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:88:88 609.6mm  W2305mm
D90mm H690mm
156W 35.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHC-88:88:88-24"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W2305mm
D100mm H690mm
68.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
YHCT-88:8/-24"-R/Y/G/W/B-SM 88:8/ 609.6mm  W1610mm
D90mm H690mm
105W  22.00kg semi-outdoor  IP43    IR
  YHCT-88:8/-24"-R/Y/G/W/B-OT  W1610mm
D100mm H690mm
40.00kg outdoor use(total waterproofed IP65 iron cabinet)
    Remote controller have two kindsIR Remote  controller and RF Remote controller  
                IR                           RF
1) Control distance difference. 
  Our defaulted control for semi-outdoor items is IR remote, For Outdoor items the defaulted remote is RF remote controller   
  1 IR remote controller control distance : 8m-10m              
  2 RF remote controller control distance : 100m-150m             
2) The catalogue included two kinds of the design ,one is semi-oudoor use, another is outdoor use.
  1You will discover the IP difference between them,  semi-outdoor cann't waterproofed. It is oftenly used under the eave or inside the show windows, 
         something that must cover it before exposuring totally outside.   
   2Outdoor led time&teperatures signs can be used outside. It has the ability under the direct sunshine and rain. It total waterproofed. 
    Case Materials:     semi-outdoor Aluminum alloy (IP43 level)
                                    outdoor the cold rolling metal frame   (IP65 level)
   Also customised led time &temperature signs is welcomed!               
1Available in 4 and 6 digits and other formats 
2100,000+ hour rated LEDs available from 5” to 24” height or other sizes  
3Multiple stroke digits for the ultimate brightness in daylight viewing  
48 levels of automatic brightness control  
5Automatic daylight savings adjustments 
6Display Duration: 3-seconds to 9-seconds  
7Time displays in 12 and/or 24 hour format 
8Temperature displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius  
9Date displays in mm/dd format  
10LED Viewing Angle: >100° 
11LED Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
12Operating Voltage: 120/240 Volts AC  
13Cabinet Color: Black  
14UV Resistant Protective PC material front panel
15Warranty: One-year factory warranty  
LED Time and Temperature displays will make you business a featured location. 
Super bright LEDs will get noticed and present a professional image. 
All photos included in this catalogue are actual products that produced (time and temperature signs) by Shenzhen Yuhong.