Detailed Product Description  Outdoor LED Moving Message Sign

1) 7x..(7x60, 7x80,7x95,7x120,7x160 etc. /one line),
   16x..(16x64,16x96,16x128,16x160,16x256 etc./two lines.)
   24x..(24x64,24x96,24x128,24x160,24x256 etc./three lines.)
   32x..(32x72, 32x96,32x128,32x160,32x256 etc./four lines.)
2) With different sizes and colors(red, green, yellow, blue
   and RG tricolor)
3) Main Advantages:
3-1) Multi languages (English/Spanish/Russia/Inter. char
3-2) Able to show text,graphics and animation
3-3) Programmable via remote controller or PC
3-4) 25 actions ( Automode, Hold, Roll (6 directions),
     Rotate,Sparkle-on, Twinkle, Interlock, Spray-on,
     Slide-Across,Switch, Wipe (6 directions), Starburst, Flash, Snow, Scroll,
     Condensed Rotate -Continuous message entry with
     automatic centering in any mode
3-5) Auto run, Auto action, Auto color, Auto center.
3-6) Fonts in Block (scans serif),
     decorative (serif), upper/lower,
     slim/wide, double
3-7) Build in Clock, Temperature, Brightness
3-8) Auto on / off and time scheduling.
3-9) 4, 8 or 16 levels Brightness
3-10) Full Screen Edit Software.
3-11) Max. 512 frames stored in flash memory
3-12) Wide range voltage: DC9-30V or
3-13) RS232 / RS485 port

4) It can show the exact time.Maintains
   accurate time without power for up to
   30 days typical.

5) With powerful and useful group site
   manager software. The user is easy to
   manager a lot of led signs. It can
   communicate a lot of sites, led signs, it can input a lot of
   files in one sign, only need the site name(for example: the
   led sign in the first floor, the led sign in the workshop etc.),
   no need to remember the led sign group exact address(such
   as A00, A01 etc.)

6) With String File Function.

7) Insert time/date in the message

8) Spanish week format. (Dom..) or English
   week format(Mon.)

9) With timing display function. You can
   choose to display some information or
   stop display in some time of some day
   in one week.

10) Brightness adjustment function and set up the different
    brightness grades in different time.

11) Match applied led sign communication management parameters.
    It can manage the display time and ID number etc. by computer.

12) Customized requirements can be meet.